Get Ready for theDance of a Lifetime

Get Ready for the
Dance of a Lifetime

Please join Chris in a 45 minute slow vinyasa flow practice where we connect our mind, body and spirit through asana and breath on Saturdays at 9:30 am (Check available dates by the phone number)Located at our studio in Orchard Park, NY

Chris completed Flow Yoga teacher training through Evolation Yoga in August of 2019.
Her goal at that time was to release emotions. Evolation taught her the connection of breath to movement and the practice of mindfulness and so much more.
Start learning more about wedding dancing by visiting our studio in Orchard Park, New York. We teach clients all over the Buffalo, NY area.

In 2022 her goal changed and she decided to teach and help others find the peace and release yoga gave her. She subbed at Evolation Yoga a few times over the summer and joined the YMCA staff in November.
She currently teaches a slow flow yoga once a week at the YMCA as well as Doa Yoga occasionally.
She is in the process of training to teach Yin yoga and learning sound therapy using crystal singing bowls.