Discover a DanceThat Suits You

Discover a Dance
That Suits You

Learn about rhythmic dancing
in near Buffalo, NY

From salsa dancing to the waltz, there are many different dances to learn at Buffalo Ballroom. We teach a large selection of smooth and rhythmic dancing options in Orchard Park, NY so you can find moves that work for you.

Our dance lessons are available to dancers of all ages and skill levels in Buffalo, NY. Whether you're introducing your child to dance for the first time or a senior looking to master one more dance, our instructor will work with you to help you learn at your own pace.

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Find your favorite dance

Not sure which dance will match your style? We can teach you a variety of dances, including:

Salsa dancing -

originating in the Cuban son and rumba, this style is continually evolving and named according to the geographical area where it developed.

Mambo -

made popular almost single-handedly by Cuban bandleader Perez Prado, the mambo can be done according to the individual's temperament.

Hustle -

this was developed during the disco era and features free rhythmic interpretation.

East Coast swing -

evolving from the Lindy hop, this may be the most famous American folk dance.

West Coast swing -

this incorporates many forms of swing, including the Lindy, shag, whip and push.

Merengue -

both Haiti and the Dominican Republic claim this dance as their own, referring to it as their "singing dance."

Rumba -

the slowest of the five competitive international Latin dances; its steps are rather compact.

Cha-cha -

another dance of Cuban origin, it's primarily derived indirectly from the mambo, rumba and the Lindy.

Samba -

like many dances from Brazil, this dance merges African and Latin American rhythms with expressive, melodic lines.

Bolero -

this Spanish dance is known as the "dance of love" for its expression of sensuous feelings.

Paso doble -

this dance is based around the actions of a Spanish matador and features sharp movements.

Jive -

this dance evolved from 1930s dances in America, such as the jitterbug, boogie-woogie, Lindy hop, East Coast swing and shag.

Our smooth dances include:

Argentine tango -

this dance was developed in turn-of-the-century Buenos Aires in a melting pot of culture.

Foxtrot -

this is considered the first "slow step" dance developed, as the partners dance much closer together and ad-lib movements.

Tango -

this dance descends from the milonga, an early Spanish folk dance, with traces of Moorish and Arabic ancestry.

Waltz -

dating back to the country folk dances of 17th century Bavaria, it's characterized by the sway, rise and fall movements.

Viennese waltz -

unlike the regular waltz, rise is created through the knees and body, rather than rising above their normal standing height.

Quickstep -

this dance is rooted in ragtime and uses many jumps, hops and syncopations.

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