Have you ever wanted to dance like Johnny and Baby in dirty dancing, or perform a routine like you've seen on Dancing with the Stars?

You Can Dance If You Want To

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March 23-24 North Star Dancesport Competition

May 9-11 Northcoast Dancesport Classic

April 5-6 Dance Vision Examiner Michael Choi

April 6 In Studio Competition

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Trying to Learn a New Dance?

Get lessons at a welcoming dance studio in Orchard Park, NY

Dancing is an ancient activity that's brought people together all over the world. You can take part in this timeless tradition by learning how to dance at Buffalo Ballroom. We offer dance lessons for all different types of dancing, including favorites like the salsa, waltz and swing.

Our dance studio is just a short drive from Buffalo, NY in Orchard Park, NY. We are fully inclusive, accepting dancers of all ages and skill levels. We provide a comfortable, welcoming environment so you can learn to dance while having fun.

For your convenience, we also sell dance shoes, practice wear, accessories, jewelry, gift packages & more!

Contact us today to start learning a new dance.

We offer personalized lessons for specific events

Trying to learn a particular dance for an upcoming event around Buffalo, NY? We provide personalized dance coaching so you can learn the dance you want. At our dance studio, you can...

  • Learn choreographed wedding dancing that will help make your special day picture-perfect.
  • Practice rhythmic dancing and add new moves to your repertoire.
  • Participate in various cultures with traditional dances from around the world.

If you don't have a partner, you are always welcome to dance with our instructor. We'll work with you from your very first step to mastering the routine. You can learn at your speed and attend as many dance lessons as you want.

Hustle on down to our dance studio in Orchard Park, New York for lessons. Just a short drive from Buffalo, NY.

Make your workout routine more fun

You don't need a special occasion to want to dance. Keeping your body in motion can help improve your physical and mental health. The benefits of dancing include increased flexibility and endurance, weight loss and reduced stress.

If your workout routine is getting repetitive and boring, mix it up with dancing. We'll help add a new twist to your exercise. We teach clients all over Buffalo, NY how to dance. Email: Buffaloballroom@gmail.com to arrange for dance lessons in Orchard Park, New York.